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About Me

I am a space physicist with a background in aerospace engineering, satellite system design, applied particle physics, and plasma physics. I completed a dual degree in Aerospace Engineering in IIT Madras, one of the top universities in India. Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher, and I work with Dr. David Sibeck at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. My Ph.D. research focused on characterizing the source and effects of energetic electrons connected with the Aurora. I am also an avid reader of non-fiction books, and I spend my spare time hiking, cooking, playing the piano, meditating, and contemplating.  

September 2020


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Research Interests

The following are a list of my research interests in the fields of space physics and those that are outside the focus of my PhD, but are sometimes related. My interests in topics listed in the 'Other' section, I believe, are connected to addressing existential threats. The topics leverage my skills in handling large data sets, and visualizing them.   

Space Physics                                Aug '20

  • Energetic precipitation: its source mechanism, source region and effect on the ionosphere. 

  • D-region ionosphere 

  • Magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling

  • Ionospheric conductivity

  • Radiation environment around Earth and Mars

Other                                              Aug '20

  • Preserving data & human knowledge, and methods to access data with limited technology

  • Education & Public outreach

  • Data visualization for research and classrooms

  • Civilizational collapse, and the role of technology in it

I thank Varsha Subramanyan, Girish Ananth, Jonathon Smith, Lindsay Goodwin and Akshita Srinivasan for their contributions to developing this web page. 

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